In today’s article we are going to give you the definitive tricks to win money at roulette. As we have said, the wheel that rotates is foldable and there is nothing impossible. In addition to tips and tricks, we also recommend that you take a look at our roulette section. In it you will find the different roulette systems. Surely, some of you have heard about the Martingale system, James Bond, Labouchere, Red Bet,… In addition to preparation and knowledge, it is necessary to know some tricks that are sure to facilitate success.

Set limits

Set limits when playing roulette. Actually, this advice is applicable to any game of chance, both physical and online. Setting limits is essential and very necessary. Before playing decide what your budget is and never overdo it. If you’re on a roll, enjoy the prize and retire. And even more important, if you are on a negative streak, turn off, relax and better times will come. Never play to recover lost money. The only thing you are going to get is to get into a loss loop.

Establish a budget

Can setting a budget make you win money at roulette? Yes, and most importantly, it can make you not lose it in two games. Play roulette or any other game of chance if you have a budget that you can lose without harming your life. Set a budget and stick to it. Above all, learn to manage your own bank.

Demo mode

If there is a practice with demonstrable results, it is the trial-error option. What better way than to test the different strategies and knowledge acquired than through the demo option that some casinos have. It is true that it is not enabled in all online casinos. The best, the ability to practice without scratching your pocket. The cost is free and the experience gained is priceless.

Roulette strategies

If there is one infallible advice to win at roulette, it is to learn the different types of roulette. The knowledge and learning of each one of them allows the player to face roulette with determination, security and tranquility. There are different types of methods:

  • Martingale . It is based on the principle of doubling in case of losing a bet. And you have to follow this principle of duplication until you win a game.
  • Fibonacci . The Fibonacci strategy in roulette is a cumulative progression in a sequence of numbers. The next number is obtained from the sum of the previous two, as long as the game is lost.
  • Romanosky. You need to bet on two of the three dozen and four numbers. So we have covered 28 of the 37 numbers that make up European roulette.
  • James Bond . The total bet per game is 200 euros and a multiple bet or column bet is made. Of the 37 or 38 numbers, depending on whether you play American roulette or European roulette, you will have bet on 25 numbers and only 12 or 13 will be discovered.
  • Labouchere . It is a betting progression system. However, compared to the Martingale strategy it is less risky, since the betting progression is not as high .

The RTP of roulette

Return to Player is commonly known in slot games. However, roulette wheels also have RTP and knowing the percentage can help us win at roulette. European roulette is estimated to have an RTP of 97.3% , meaning a really high return which makes it a fantastic game for the user.

In Prison

The Prison Rule gives the player a certain advantage. For example, if the ball lands on the 0 square, multiple bets are lost. However, the opposite happens with the simple ones, since they are held in prison. If in the next round, the ball lands in one of the simple bets, the money is released or recovered. The user does not lose the money from the bet, although he does not win either.

Know the types of bets

As in any discipline, it is essential to know how it works, the different systems, the types of bets that exist. Knowledge and learning allow the user to bet more safely.

Outside bets

An easy way to win at roulette is to use outside bets . Outside bets are less risky and the odds of hitting where the ball will land are higher than inside bets. The player bets on a greater number of numbers, so the chances of hitting are higher. The main drawback is that the payout is lower. These types of bets are recommended for beginners or inexperienced players or for those players who want a moderate strategy, with less risk.

Experience is a degree

Experience is a degree and being able to learn from other players will enrich you a lot. Sometimes the best way to learn is to observe, talk, discuss with other players, regardless of whether the player is a great expert or a learner. The apprentices will teach you not to make common mistakes, and the experts are sure to give you some homegrown advice.


Play smartly, without rushing and always knowing when to stop. Remember to play responsibly. Gambling creates addiction . Always play keeping a cool head. Do not consume alcohol or any other type of substance while you are playing.

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